Climate Workshop

An online workshop to help young activists across Africa share experiences and work towards building back better after the coronavirus crisis.

The world’s focus is on recovering from the coronavirus crisis, and rightly so. But the climate crisis continues, and tackling it is as vital as ever. While lockdown and quarantines might make it harder to do so, there are still so many ways we can keep this movement strong. Through collective learning and skill sharing we can learn how to operate in this new context and be ready to demand a just recovery from COVID-19.

From 12 February to 5 March organisers, campaigners and journalists across Africa came together to share knowledge and experiences they have gained as part of their climate movement journey.
Session 1 - All about #AfrikaVuka.
When and why #AfrikaVuka started, what the platform offers to the climate movement and its supporters, and how to participate and be part of it.


Session 2 - Campaigning.
Learn from experienced organisers about some of the tactics used for successful campaigns which include grassroots mobilising /power of coalitions /finance /lobbying and advocacy.


The deCOALonize Campaign  
350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon

Session 3 - Storytelling and Journalism.
This session focused on story-telling and journalism, reporting on climate change, building lasting relationships with reporters and tips to get stories published, change the narrative, and push for climate solutions.



Storytelling au service du changement climatique
Getting climate stories to your audience

Session 4 - Digital Organising.
Hear from seasoned campaigners on how to take your digital amplification skills to the next level and boost your campaign’s reach even further through various digital platforms.



Quelques astuces pour réussir sa campagne à l’heure du Web 2.0
#CoalFreeNigeria Digital Campaign


AfrikaVuka Climate Workshops

From February 12th to March 5th 2021, 350Africa under the AfrikaVuka platform will bring together organisers, campaigners and journalists to learn from specific campaign case studies and gain campaign skills and tactics that can help them start and grow relevant climate campaigns across Africa.