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A coalition of organizations and individuals committed to stopping the development of coal and coal-related projects in Kenya. The deCOALonize campaign is committed to stopping the development of coal and coal-related industries for a clean and sustainable energy future in Kenya and the region.




For many years, the Kenyan government and Amu Power Consortium have been pushing to build a 1050 Megawatt coal plant in Lamu. The country is also pursuing coal production in Mui Basin, Kitui, a town located at 180 kilometres east of Nairobi. If given the go-ahead, these projects will produce millions of tonnes of climate-wrecking emissions and will displace communities. This is why the deCOALonize campaign needs your support to pressure Kenyan officials to put the climate and people before profits:

First step

Show your support for communities in Lamu!

The environmental impacts of Kenya's first coal-fired power plant in Lamu, will forever alter the island’s fragile ecosystem and endanger the livelihoods of the close to 120,000 people living in Lamu County. Please sign the petition to support the call to stop the Lamu coal plant.

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Please tweet this message. Feel free to tweak. ”I just signed a petition by @deCOALonize calling on the Kenyan Govt (@Environment_Ke) to put a stop to the proposed coal plant in #Lamu and all coal investments in #Kitui. I encourage everyone to sign it: #SaveLamu #deCOALonize #AVCaravan

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These investments in coal will lock Kenya into dirty, dangerous, and expensive fossil fuel infrastructure that is outdated and will be useless within a few years. Local communities will bear the brunt of this obsolete technology. Can you please share the petition on your Facebook?

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