Fisherman in Lamu, Kenya. Photo by Peter Ndung’u.


The Afrika Vuka platform is part of a global Fossil Free campaign led by local groups demanding our local communities and institutions commit to:

  1. A fast + just transition to 100% renewable energy for all
  2. No new fossil fuel projects anywhere.
  3. Not a penny more for dirty energy


First things first. Read up about the Fossil Free campaign and how your community can get involved.

Recruitment Guide→
Tips on how to mobilise people.

Fossil Free Campaign Guide →
Step-by-step guide to running a local Fossil Free campaign and group.

Briefing for existing groups →
How existing groups and communities can get involved with Fossil Free.

How to host a fossil free gathering →
Step-by-step guide to hosting an event that introduces people to Fossil Free.

Fossil Free Organising Principles →
The list of principles that all Fossil Free groups agree to adhere to.

Absorption Guide: Grow your group after Rise for Climate →
After our big global mobilisation happened on 8 September, here are some ideas on to keep that momentum rolling in the coming months.

Organising your first event

Fossil Free Map →
Connect with other local groups in your area and add your events to the map.

“How to host a Fossil Free event” guide →
Step-by-step guide to hosting an event that introduces people to Fossil Free. This includes links to sample agendas and an introduction presentation you can run through together at your first event.

Videos →
Screen these at the start of any upcoming Fossil Free events to inspire people and get everyone up to speed on the basics of the Fossil Free campaign.

Graphics →
Including logos, fonts and images to help you promote your event and build up a recognisable presence online and in the streets.

Register your event →
If you’re ready to get a few friends together and take the first to starting a Fossil Free campaign, register the event on the map.

Reach out →
Got questions about the Fossil Free pack or how to get started? Get in touch.


These trainings will run you step-by-step through how to set up a strong local campaign group.

Download all →
If you use google-drive, copy this folder to your drive and explore and adapt the resources for your local group. Otherwise, you can download each individual resource using the links below.
Download all as .PDF or .DOC

Training Menu Overview →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 1 – Choose a Target →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 2 – Make Decisions Together →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 3 – Build Your Strategy →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 4 – Build People Power with Digital Tools →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 5 – Share your Story →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 6 – Create your Campaign Timeline →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

BONUS Workshop – Building an Effective Team →
Download as .PDF or .DOC


General Resources

These resources will help you campaign effectively and reach more people.

Media + Press toolkit →
Learn how to use the news media to bring new people into your campaign, increase public support, and grow the movement.

Online Skill-ups →
Use interactive activities and multimedia to teach yourself skills you can use on organizing, movement-building, and climate change.

Graphics + Visuals →
Get all the fonts, icons, colors and templates you need to make clear and engaging materials.

Storytelling + Climate change →
Plan a digital storytelling project and get tips and tactics for conducting interviews and building an online story.

Divest/Defund/Desponsor Resources

For groups campaigning to ensure Not a Penny More of our money supports the fossil industry fuelling the climate crisis.

Not a Penny More Campaign Guide →

Get started in campaigning to cut off the social license and financing for the fossil fuel industry.

Divestment Resources:

What is Fossil Free Divestment? → 
Introduction to fossil fuel divestment and finance.

Divestment FAQ →

Some helpful questions and answers about the details of divestment

Who has committed to fossil fuel divestment? →
An overview and searchable list of institutions that have committed to divest.

1000 Commitments & Counting → 

As the Fossil Free movement celebrates surpassing its 1000th divestment commitment and COP24 closes, we take the long view into its evolution and identify new goals for achieving a Fossil Free world.

Register your divestment commitment → 

Send us information about your divestment win – when an institution commits to divest.

Reinvestment Principles & FAQ → 

Principles & FAQ to help guide discussion on reinvestment of funds that have been divested from fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy Resources

For groups campaigning to secure a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

100% Renewable Energy For All Campaign Guide:

Tactics for Campaigners to Turn Up the Heat for 100% Renewable Energy for All →

Stop + Ban Fossil Fuels Resources

For groups campaigning to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Stop+Ban Fossil Fuels Campaign Guide →

Get your group started in campaigning to stop and ban fossil fuel projects.