There is an urgency to unite grassroots anti coal struggles and speak with one voice as we challenge the power of coal corporations and their supporters.

Similar to the “Scramble for Africa” the push for the development of fossil fuel projects in Africa is a new wave of corporate colonisation that profits corporations and the wealthy elite. Any new coal power plant will come at great cost: local environmental destruction, impact on the health of local peoples, and an intensification of the pace and impacts of climate change.


#RiseForClimate in Africa

#ThumaMinaDBSA: Cape Town action. December 2018.

#RiseForClimate concert in Nairobi, Kenya


we’re mobilising across Africa to #BreakFree from fossil fuels and push for a renewable

We don’t need another coal power plant in South Africa, we know that burning more coal will only lead to catastrophic climate impacts.

Break Free: #ThumaMina DBSA

Ghana: A Step Closer To A deCOALonised Africa

DeCoaloniseGhana: New campaign, New strategies!

EarthLife Africa and it’s community partner organisations at Kelvin power stations demonstrating


350 Kenya

Defenders of Lamu

How I’m coping with Cape Town’s drought – Glen Tyler