Hey!tell me your story that inspired you to join us in fighting climate change! #AfrikaVuka- Africa’s voice to divest from fossil fuels to build a green society.

I travelled for 14 hours from Egypt because I had to connect my flight in Dubai, and then back to Africa, to Rwanda even though we are on the same continent. 

My trip was to attend an amazing event/workshop hosted by 350Africa for AFRIKA VUKA campaigns, about digital campaigning tools and tactics.

On arrival, I found out that my luggage was lost but I had to survive and thanks to Allah for having such wonderful friends and fantastic organizers who supported me until my luggage was safely returned to me 

As you know, social media plays a vital role in our daily life, we used it regularly and in a positive way for raising awareness and to build more support towards our cause. It’s a civic and very public matter, a worldwide crisis called “climate change “. Everyday temperatures are rising rapidly and yet it seems that we are not urgently looking for solutions fast enough. What are we waiting for? We can’t face this crisis alone. We are all responsible due to years of increasing human activities and burning fossil fuels, which is the root cause of climate change and global warming, causing an increase in carbon dioxide in the air.

It’s time to move to renewable energy, it was a part of our Egyptian pharaonic heritage, we had a sun God called “Ra” a sign of the importance of using the sun. I saw in Rwanda the importance of trees and plants to reduce temperature and refreshing air. It was such a success story and one of the best solutions to face climate change impacts.

Moreover, in Rwanda, they cycle as a mode of transportation to move around the city, which a great idea to beat air pollution. Let’s start with ourselves and be leaders of change through our lifestyle choices. We can cycle instead of cars, manage our food consumption by being conscious of what we eat, fruits and vegetables instead of meat and chicken to preserve the lives of animals. Waste management can be easy if we began today by thinking before using. We aren’t just consumers, we must evaluate ourselves so we can save our planet and move to the bright future to achieve sustainable development goals. Sustainability is everyone responsibility. We accept the challenge and you are invited to join the movement to fight climate change. ‌ ‌Our goal should always be to strive to live in harmony with nature.

Author: Asmaa Hanafi (Alexandria, Egypt). The founder of Green Society. Environmental and climate Activist