Building A Fossil Free Africa

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We are standing up to stop the development of fossil fuels infrastructure within Africa through strengthened community resistance and international collaboration. How would you like to get involved?

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"We are not going to be left behind. We will continue touring across villages and cities enlightening communities about the impacts of coal."

— Khadija Shekuwe Save Lamu coordinator.

Photo Highlights

#AfrikaVuka Videos 

#AfrikaVuka Action – Accra, Ghana

#AfrikaVuka action – Nairobi, Kenya

News Coverage, Ghan

#RiseForClimate in Africa

#ThumaMinaDBSA: Cape Town action. December 2018.

#RiseForClimate concert in Nairobi, Kenya


we’re mobilising across Africa to #BreakFree from fossil fuels and push for a renewable

We don’t need another coal power plant in South Africa, we know that burning more coal will only lead to catastrophic climate impacts.

Break Free: #ThumaMina DBSA

Young people are key to creating an environment of peace.

Young environmental activists continue to mount pressure on world leaders, policymakers, and other decision-makers to commit to environmental and development targets – and, more importantly, to honour those commitments.

People of all ages and backgrounds are demanding climate justice.

On the 25th March 2022 Rise up Movement was not the only one holding placards, we were joined by over 600 students, teachers, parents and some community members. This sentiment was repeated in the thousands of Climate Strikes held around the world.

Total’s record profits grow from a neocolonial destruction in Uganda & Tanzania

On 10th February , Total Energies, the French oil giant, will present its results for 2021. Commentators point out that it is bound for record profits. But how dystopian is it to celebrate, when the company is on its way to pursue the world’s most scandalous, neocolonial investment of East African Crude Oil Pipeline ?


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