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Building A Fossil Free Africa

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We are standing up to stop the development of fossil fuels infrastructure within Africa through strengthened community resistance and international collaboration. How would you like to get involved?

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"We are not going to be left behind. We will continue touring across villages and cities enlightening communities about the impacts of coal."

— Khadija Shekuwe Save Lamu coordinator.

On May 24 and 25, we’re planning actions in cities and towns across the continent for Africa Day to show the determination of the People of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation. We demand that our local leaders commit to building a fossil free Africa that puts people and justice before profits.

Africa doesn’t need fossil fuels to reach its development. As the least responsible, but yet most vulnerable to climate change, Africa must follow upon the Climate Vulnerable Forum pledge made by 16 African governments in November 2016 to accelerate the transition towards an economy powered by 100% renewables.

Our fight against fossil fuels is a pathway to a united African continent that seeks solutions beyond the tried and tested that’s proven to be destructive. The time for clean energy is now.

Plan or join an event in your community. If your elected officials commit, your rally can be a celebration. If they fail to act, it’s a chance to hold them accountable.

The Afrika Vuka day of action aims to support everyone getting active to stop climate change. We know there are Fridays for Future activities and school strikes planned for this day too. If you are a school/youth group, you are welcome to register your activity here and we will support you as we can. We would also encourage you to register on Fridays for Future as well, or instead so that they are aware of your action.

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People across Africa will come together to rise above our history of being colonised, to awaken those who must join the movement for our planet and cross over from the old way of fossil fuels and embrace the new era of Renewable Energy.
On 25 May we will come together in our neighbourhoods to highlight the community resistance and mobilisation efforts underway across the continent to halt and phase out fossil fuels projects while reducing carbon emissions and moving toward a sustainable energy transition.

We are at a tipping point. We are fast running out of time to act, but meaningful action from national governments has been slow at best.

Africa is the most affected continent by climate change while it’s not historically responsible for the climate crisis. Mobilising on May 25th, known as Africa Day, is a demonstration of the determination of Africans to free themselves from the domination, exploitation and oppression of the fossil fuels companies, operating hands in hands with corrupt governments to increase their profits at the expense of communities, livelihoods, ecosystems and climate.

We think this is an opportunity to set a new bar for climate leadership, drive ambition and close the gap between what justice and science clearly tells us – and the achingly slow action by our national governments.

Our actions won’t stop with this mobilisation, we will keep the pressure on our local and leaders to turn words into deeds for a fossil free Africa.

Africa doesn’t need fossil fuels to reach its development. There’s no future nor safety in fossil fuels. It’s time to power our communities with clean, renewable energy from the sun, earth, wind and water.

We need every local government and institution to commit to building 100% renewable energy and stopping new dirty energy projects in their community. Anything less than that is out of line with what science and justice demand.

Every individual action is different, but most are organised by local groups who are leading the way for climate action in their communities. You can host an action in your community by registering it on the map above.

There are many ways your organisation can support this mobilisation. You could hold an action and register it on the map, help promote the day of action or join as a partner. If you have any questions, get in touch with us here.

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#RiseForClimate in Africa

#ThumaMinaDBSA: Cape Town action. December 2018.

#RiseForClimate concert in Nairobi, Kenya


we’re mobilising across Africa to #BreakFree from fossil fuels and push for a renewable

We don’t need another coal power plant in South Africa, we know that burning more coal will only lead to catastrophic climate impacts.

Break Free: #ThumaMina DBSA

Video: #ThumaMinaDBSA Petition Delivery Action

350Africa.org calls on the DBSA to develop a stand-alone fossil fuel strategy that fully excludes coal and integrates climate change strategies across their operations to meeting South Africa’s fair share of keeping warming to 1.5C as communicated by the worlds foremost collection of climate scientists.

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