Building A Fossil Free Africa

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We are standing up to stop the development of fossil fuels infrastructure within Africa through strengthened community resistance and international collaboration. How would you like to get involved?

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"We are not going to be left behind. We will continue touring across villages and cities enlightening communities about the impacts of coal."

— Khadija Shekuwe Save Lamu coordinator.

Photo Highlights

#AfrikaVuka Videos 

#AfrikaVuka Action – Accra, Ghana

#AfrikaVuka action – Nairobi, Kenya

News Coverage, Ghan

#RiseForClimate in Africa

#ThumaMinaDBSA: Cape Town action. December 2018.

#RiseForClimate concert in Nairobi, Kenya


we’re mobilising across Africa to #BreakFree from fossil fuels and push for a renewable

We don’t need another coal power plant in South Africa, we know that burning more coal will only lead to catastrophic climate impacts.

Break Free: #ThumaMina DBSA

A call to stop the issuance of coal mining licences in Nigeria

The mining companies are benefiting greatly from the goodwill of the local communities and not honoring the Community Development Agreements that they entered into. A review of these agreements showed that they are heavily skewed against the local people.

Mobilizing for a better Uganda

As women, we have realized we shall suffer more because the oil activities will contaminate the land, water and air making it difficult for us to survive in the community and yet we have known this land for centuries and we have nowhere to go if the land is contaminated.


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