An amazing session on the #AfrikaVuka Climate Workshops led by professional journalists sharing their personal and motivational stories to inspire climate activists and organisers. This session focused on story-telling and journalism, reporting on climate change, and building lasting relationships with reporters, the panelists have shared during the session some tips to change the narrative, get stories published, and push for climate solutions. 

The session was lively and practical, with some tips and advice shared which included:

  • The reporter who will be writing the story needs to be convinced that it is important to talk about the particular story that you present to him/her. Therefore, it is up to us/you as climate activists to convince the reporter that it is an important story that needs to be highlighted through the media
  • Every reporter in every media house has to get approval from an editor to be able to publish the story. Therefore, the reporter needs to have all the facts and also needs to believe that the story is important
  • Even if we want to talk about scientific issues such as climate change, it is important to make the stories ‘ people-centered’. This helps to create a deeper sense of connection with both the media and your audience
  • In order to write/develop good stories, you need to always think about your audience. Who are you hoping to target with your story? What do you think they would want to know? When you consider your audience, it makes your story easier to write and more relatable to your audience
  • When writing/developing stories for the masses always use simple language. Avoid the use of acronyms or technical terms, as you want to reach as many people as possible
  • Illustrations and videos help to tell an even deeper story and help to communicate more difficult concepts. Also, audiences resonate with videos and illustrations well
  • For you to be successful with the media, you need to build relationships with journalists, that way it will be easier to get your stories published and secure more TV and radio interviews

We continue to be encouraged and inspired by your support and participation in the #AfrikaVuka Climate Workshops. The last session on Friday will just be as exciting and motivational focusing on digital organising. You are invited here. Together we can build a strong and inclusive climate movement and ensure a just recovery that benefits people, not polluters.

Christian Hounkannou,