Organizers in Nigeria took to the street of Abuja to lend their support for the #StopEACOP campaign on the 25th of May, 2021 which was also in commemoration of the 2021 Africa Day celebration. This action was in solidarity with their Ugandan and Tanzanian counterparts whose governments have signed the Tariff and Transport Agreement for the construction of the 1445km East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).


Ahead of the Annual General Meeting of the two major sponsors of the project, Total and Standard Bank of South Africa, organizers in Nigeria visited establishments of the sponsors to send a clear message of their opposition to the proposed project which they believe will have far-reaching negative consequences on the planet in the nearest future. 

As well, the organizers in Nigeria are reminding Total that the EACOP project is in flagrant reversal of its commitment in May 2020 to energy transition and a climate ambition of net-zero. 

Let’s build a green economy that will guarantee sustainable development and not one that will endanger our existence at the expense of profit. #StopEACOP.

Joseph Ibrahim for #CoalFreeNigeria