From February 12th to February 15th, 2023, I had the opportunity to participate in a grant fundraising training organized by 350 Africa. The training was designed to equip us with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully raise funds for our organizations and campaigns. One of the most important takeaways from the training was the emphasis on the importance of storytelling, digital campaigns, and fundraising tactics.

We learned that storytelling is a critical component of successful fundraising. Storytelling is a way to communicate the impact of our organization’s work in a way that is relatable and compelling to potential donors. By telling stories about the individuals and communities our organizations serve, we can create an emotional connection with donors that motivates them to support our cause. We were encouraged to craft stories that are authentic, engaging, and concise, so that we can effectively communicate our mission and impact to donors.

In addition to storytelling, we also learned about the power of digital campaigns in fundraising. The rise of social media and other digital platforms has created new opportunities for organizations to reach a broader audience and engage supporters in innovative ways. We were encouraged to create content that is shareable, engaging, and aligned with our organization’s values and mission. We learned how to create digital campaigns that leverage the power of social media, email marketing, and other digital platforms to attract new donors and build a community of supporters.

Finally, we discussed a range of fundraising tactics that have been successful for other participants. The training provided a platform for participants to share their fundraising strategies, successes, and challenges, and to learn from each other. We learned about a range of tactics, from grant writing and corporate partnerships to individual donor cultivation and fundraising events. The training emphasized the importance of diversifying fundraising strategies, so that we can create a sustainable funding model for our organizations.

The training also provided us with the opportunity to engage with experienced fundraising professionals who provided valuable insights and guidance. They shared their experiences and expertise, and provided us with practical tips and tools that we can apply in our own fundraising efforts. We were encouraged to ask questions, seek feedback, and collaborate with other participants to create new ideas and approaches.

Overall, the grant fundraising training organized by 350 Africa was an incredibly valuable experience. It provided us with a deep understanding of the importance of storytelling, digital campaigns, and fundraising tactics, and equipped us with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively raise funds for our organizations. The training was a reminder of the importance of collaboration and community-building in fundraising, and inspired us to continue to work together to achieve our shared goals. I look forward to applying the lessons and strategies I learned during the training to help support the important work of our organization.

By Edwin Mumbere

Centre for Citizens Conserving