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Another Goldman for Ghana

This year, one of our own Chibeze Ezekiel, was announced as the recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize 2020, after being selected to represent the group for the Goldman’s prize Award. The award cited his commitment through GROC to push for good governance in Ghana’s environmental sector and for his climate leadership in Ghana, across Africa and globally.

A call to stop the issuance of coal mining licences in Nigeria

The mining companies are benefiting greatly from the goodwill of the local communities and not honoring the Community Development Agreements that they entered into. A review of these agreements showed that they are heavily skewed against the local people.

Mobilizing for a better Uganda

As women, we have realized we shall suffer more because the oil activities will contaminate the land, water and air making it difficult for us to survive in the community and yet we have known this land for centuries and we have nowhere to go if the land is contaminated.

NEJA Coal Arrest Project

Dialogue brings together groups with the objective of ending coal expansion in South Africa