On the 25th March 2022 Rise up Movement was not the only one holding placards, we were joined by over 600 students, teachers, parents and some community members. This sentiment was repeated in the thousands of Climate Strikes held around the world.

The strike set off with a match which was led by a band. We matched with different placards including messages like, “People Over Profit, Listen To the Science, Stop EACOP, Climate Finance” among others.  

We matched with great enthusiasm and hope because In Uganda climate change is not a far-off issue; the present is already catastrophic and Loss and damage is happening. The wealthiest few in the global North may be able to insulate themselves from the impacts of climate disasters, we can’t. Young people and women in the Global South, who have the least responsibility for climate change, are already living with its impacts. More people are going hungry, girls are missing school as they are forced to walk further and further to find water and yet Total a multi-million European company has decided to invest in the longest heated crude oil pipeline(EACOP),which will amplify the already existing disasters happening and will lead us to a point of no recovery from the climate crisis.Things like these stir us up to demand for action.

After matching in the school and on the community roads for about two hours, we converged to hold a rally for a  Climate Education session. We shared our stories and messages  because we believe every story is important. This session inspired the participants to be part of the solution and to make a difference in their communities.

More remarks were made by the students, teachers, activists and community members like wanting to join us in fighting for climate justice, understanding more what climate change is and learning about the dangers of fossil fuels like the EACOP which will destroy the people and the planet and amplify poverty.We closed the day with chants and songs demanding a radical transformation of the current socio-economic systems and also protesting with the students.Marches and actions send a clear message that people of all ages and backgrounds are demanding climate justice.

We are calling for a shift away from fossil fuels to sustainable and clean solutions to the people and the planet. Another world is not only possible but its necessary.We need Action Not Words.

By Joshua Omonuk

Administrator,Rise Up Movement