GIFSEP Empowers Environmental Stewards in Secondary Schools in Nigeria


“Good habits formed at youth make the difference” – Aristotle. 



In recognition of this, the Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation (GIFSEP) is undertaking a project targeted at building the capacity of students and teachers to address Climate Change primarily by promoting environmental stewardship through behavioural change and skills in renewable energy and waste management.

The Project whose implementation began in November 2017 targets Senior Secondary Schools in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria. It is being implemented under the supervision of the FCT Secondary Education Board and funded by the United Nations Development Programme’s Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme. 

Thus far, activities carried out have included training workshops and school visitations.



The project has equipped students and teachers through numerous trainings on climate change, renewable energy and waste management to address environmental challenges. Through our support, the students have been able to establish environmental clubs in their schools which now serves as the primary vehicle for taking climate action in their respective schools. The Capacity Building of Students to address climate change project, has received numerous positive commendations from the Secondary Education Board, FCT Schools management, teachers and students and more. Consequently, the project has been able to secure the commitment of teachers to raise a generation of green champions in their schools. Also, the students have pledged to the good environmental stewards.

Only recently, the GIFSEP team visited schools in FCT-Nigeria to officially establish new environmental clubs in Schools while also encouraging pre-existing environmental clubs to continue to take definite climate action. Overall, the students, teachers and the school management show great enthusiasm towards the project and have all committed to be ambassadors of the environment.