Navrongo Witnesses Groundbreaking Renewable Energy Documentary Launch

Navrongo, Upper East, Ghana – As the global call for a just transition to renewable energy grows louder, and 350 GROC have stepped up to the plate with a compelling documentary unveiling a remarkable community-driven renewable advocacy movement in Ghana. Titled ‘The Renewable Energy Charge’, the documentary chronicles the inspiring journey of grassroots initiatives driving renewable energy adoption and ambition in Ghana.

Set against the backdrop of Solar Appreciation Day 2024, the documentary launch took place in Navrongo, a town in the Kassena-Nankana District of Ghana’s Upper East region, 12 hours drive from Ghana’s capital, Accra. The event marked not just a screening but a celebration of community resilience and triumph in the face of energy challenges.

Community screenings held in Nawognia and Pungu on March 9th and 10th respectively served as focal points for spreading awareness and distributing solar bulbs. Over 300 people in Navrongo attended the public screening.

Beyond the screenings, 350 GROC seized the opportunity to forge partnerships with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Navrongo, igniting discussions and laying the groundwork for future collaborations. Thomas Abugah of Concern for Action in Our Community Ghana (CONFAC-GH) hailed the engagement as “fruitful and timely”, affirming his organization’s readiness to join forces with 350 GROC for amplified impact.

The sentiment was echoed by a plethora of organizations including Sound Mind Foundation, CENSODEV, Levites Basic Needs International Foundation among others, all eager to contribute to Ghana’s renewable energy journey.

PE Abayage Anankware III, Divisional Chief of Pungu, pledged collaboration with 350 GROC to facilitate a just energy transition in his community, underscoring the documentary’s impact rooted in the voices and experiences of community members like himself, now immortalized on film.

Portia Adu Mensah, National Coordinator for 350 GROC, shared optimism about communities spearheading local solutions for a just energy transition. She emphasized that 350 GROC’s success story in Ghana exemplifies how grassroots movements can pave the way, guiding communities toward a renewable energy future.

Looking ahead, 350 GROC envisions further engagement with Navrongo’s women through its Women in Renewable Energy project, recognizing the pivotal role they play in shaping Ghana’s sustainable future. With Navrongo’s warm climate and soaring temperatures, the need for renewable energy solutions is not just pressing but imperative.

In the quest for a brighter, greener tomorrow, Navrongo stands at the forefront, a sign of hope for communities worldwide.