The AfrikaVuka Caravan

All across Africa, frontline communities have been stepping up to demand action on climate change from their local leaders not only to protect their environment but also their culture and livelihood.

On May 25th 2019, in collaboration with many frontline community organizations all across the African continent launched the AfrikaVuka platform with the intent of creating a space where these communities could exchange skills, tactics and show solidarity to each other by getting a deeper understanding of each others campaigns and resistance to climate change and how they can offer each other support.

From May 28th to August 6th, under the Afrika Vuka platform will be organizing a series of 6 out-of-the-box webinars dubbed the Afrika Vuka Caravan, which takes the form of a virtual caravan running through Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, DRC, SA and Uganda telling the stories of the iconic campaigns in these countries. The webinars will draw upon the collective need to protect the planet by enabling people from across the continent to offer support, lend a voice and show solidarity to these campaigns and the people on the frontlines of these struggles despite the distance brought about by not only geography but also social distancing owing to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The AfrikaVuka Caravan will highlight: stopping the Bargny Coal Plant in Senegal, pushing for fracking to be banned in South Africa, halting the proposed Coal Powered Plant in the exquisite Lamu, Kenya, stopping oil exploration in the iconic Virunga Park in DRC, amplifying the need for renewable energy solutions in Ghana and last but most definitely not least pushing the Standard Bank to not finance the proposed crude oil pipeline that will cut across Uganda and Tanzania.

We are stronger and steadier together, and by lending our voices we can transform our continent by demonstrating that development can take place while protecting our earth, culture, and our people. Let us keep building resilience against the fossil fuel nightmare and Vuka (Rise Up) to a brighter future lit by renewable and sustainable sources of energy.

Author: Rukiya Khamis, Anglophone Field Organiser.