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Kenya has lost nearly half its forests – time for the young to act

The projected impacts of climate change, deforestation and land degradation could lead to the extinction of species and intensify the frequency and impacts of droughts and floods, with far-reaching consequences on communities, ecosystems, food security and infrastructure.

Digital Storytelling for Impact

Our living Planet is Burning! Yes, burning from the effects of our own doing. Our climate is fast-changing, our rivers

We are joining hands to Save Lamu and the Sundarbans

The Sundarbans has seen some of the world’s most violent hurricanes, thousands of years of changing riverbeds, rise and fall of civilizations. Lamu have survived centuries of people’s movements, political rivalries, sometimes even wars. Throughout that time our people built patient and respectful relationships with these delicate sites.

Kenya doesn’t need coal, Report reaffirms

New report says that Kenya doesn’t need any coal generation project, but should rather actively explore its abundant renewable resources to satisfy the likely growth scenarios.